Thursday, December 14, 2006

What is

The new mobile operator has been launched in UK. Blyk is free mobile operator for European users. It is free to use because the service is funded by advertising. They are launching in the UK-market in mid-2007. Other European countries will have their service later.

The concept of the Blyk is announced to be new, but in my opinion this isn't true. The concept of having free calls and SMS, if you accept to receive commercial ads, was already established in the end of 1990s. The problem then was that back then the technology wasn't mature enough. Now, these problems have been overcomed; it is possible to gather enough information from the target audience. This is where the second condition of the free service appears; you have to continuosly maintain the profile of yourself. In short, this kind of concept is not new, it is only enhanced one. The future will show us whether it disappears from the market or not! At this point, Blyk's future seems bright: it has gained lots of attention from the press worldwide.

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